What Makes ORC Different?

The difference between ORC and other contract operations is that other companies have one highly certified operator, which the whole company relies on to fulfill the Operator in Responsible Charge (ORC) requirements for a majority of their client's facilities. We have an entirely different philosophy of cultivating as many highly certified operators in-house and utilizing the actual facility operator and/or their ORC certification. By utilizing the certification of the existing facility operator, we instill a sense of responsibility, accountability, dependability, and self-pride, which benefits the operator and the client.We also implement self-checks and balances and in-house QA/QC programs through our various staffing resources to ensure that all process sampling, laboratory analysis, and associated reporting requirements are fulfilled accurately and accordingly.

Meet the Team

ORC Operations

At ORC, we take our responsibility as the Operator in Responsible Charge (ORC) seriously, from maintaining daily routines to emergencies.  Our highly experienced and trusted Operations Team has their pulse at the center of all the facilities we maintain.

As Operations Manager for ORC Water Professionals, Gabby Begeman has honed her skills at managing teams of operators to operate small and medium size water and wastewater treatment plants efficiently and effectively. Gabby provides administrative and technical support to all employees and clients alike. She has also been invested in the daily training and professional improvement of all employees through beneficial seminars on emergency preparedness, response and reporting, Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations regarding specific rules, protocol, and effective techniques for time management.

License & Certification: Class A Water Operator, Class A Wastewater Operator, Class A Industrial Wastewater Operator, Class 4 Distribution Operator, Class 4 Collections Operator, Certified Water Professional
Education: B.S. Environmental Science, University of Denver, 2005
Associations: Member of the Board of Directors for the Water and Wastewater Facility Operators Certification Board, Member of SDA since 2010, Member of RMWEA 2009 Board of Directors, Bout Production Manager Denver Roller Dolls 
A profile picture of Gabby our Operation Specialist

ORC Compliance

Julie Sorensen brings to the ORC Water Professionals team 8 years in drinking water and wastewater compliance, along with many years of admin, banking and accounting experience.  Her attention to detail and organizational skills keep our clients in compliance with the ever changing CDPHE and EPA rules, regs and policies.  She has streamlined the regulatory processes at ORC and refuses to miss a deadline.  Participating in stakeholder meetings and attending CDPHE trainings regularly keep her up to speed so that she can pass those tips of the trade onto our clients and operators.  She is very dedicated to her position and the growth of ORC as a company.
Julie with her dog

ORC Administration

Chew Burgess brings with her over 30 years of Bookkeeping, Administration and Business Management experience.

At ORC, Chew handles Accounts Payable, Account Receivables, Bookkeeping, Accounting Process, Payroll, Human Resources and Office Administration.
A Profile Picture of Chew our ORC Administrator.

ORC President

Tom Schubert offers an extensive experience of over 40 years in varied Water, Wastewater Management, and Industrial Treatment facilities. Tom forms and oversees various teams to ensure ORC Water Professionals maintains its reputation, trustworthiness and sought-after image in the industry.
Tom our President here at ORC Waters.